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Transmissionselektronmikroskop 2020/S 245-607357

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Center for Visualizing Catalytic Processes (VISION), funded by DNRF (Danish National Research Foundation) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU), wants to buy a first-of-its-kind next-generation environmental transmission electron microscope (NG-ETEM) from Thermo Fisher Scientific. The NG-ETEM will be located at DTU and paid jointly by DNRF and DTU. To reach its ambitious research goal of relating the atomic structure, dynamics and function of single nanoparticles during catalysis, VISION needs the NG-ETEM that uniquely combines

1) An image resolution in the 50 pm range for retrieving the 3D atomic structure of nano-scale objects;

2) Milli- to tens of seconds time-resolution for tracking progression of catalysis;

3) Re-active gas environments to capture the dynamic state of nanoparticles at atomic-resolution;

4) Spatiotemporal-resolved spectroscopy of nanostructures and catalysis; and

5) Detection sensitivity to suppress of beam-induced sample alterations.

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Ordregiver Center for Visualizing Catalytic Processes (VISION)
Annonceret 16-12-2020 kl. 00.00
Sidst ændret 16-12-2020 kl. 09.00
Udbudstype EU-udbud
Udbudsdetaljer http://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:607357-2020:TEXT:EN:HTML
Leveringssted Hovedstaden
Dokumenttype Bekendtgørelse med henblik på frivillig forudgående gennemsigtighed