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Transportudstyr og transporthjælpemidler 2020/S 022-047456

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The contract concerns the acquisition of 3 air start units (ASU) which are required to support the Royal Danish Airforce (RDAF) aircrafts, in particular the EH101 (helicopter), in operation and during maintenance. The acquisition includes a user course and user manuals. The ASU shall also be able to be used to support future acquired aircrafts. Due to the operations of the RDAF, the ASU should be able to operate in different climatic conditions as well as environments containing snow, hail, rain and sand with no or minimal modification of the ASU. A standalone gas turbine driven ASU able to run on diesel fuel meeting requirements according to EN 590 (or equivalent) and military aviation jet-fuel (JP-8/NATO F-34) (or equivalent) is required.

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Ordregiver Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organizations
Deadline 28-02-2020 Se klokkeslæt under udbudsdetaljer
Udbudstype EU-udbud
Udbudsdetaljer http://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:047456-2020:TEXT:EN:HTML
Leveringssted DANMARK
Dokumenttype Udbudsbekendtgørelse