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Programpakker og informationssystemer 2019/S 167-408966

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The Danish Road Directorate (DRD) is responsible for the planning, the operation, the development and the maintenance of the Danish national road network consisting of 3 700 kilometers of roads and 2 500 structures. The purpose of asset management is to maintain the invested capital where an efficient process require a well supporting it-system. DRD intends to carry through a tender with the objective to procure a new asset management system as a substitution of the current self developed systems.

The Danish Road Directorate therefore wish to enter into a contract concerning delivery, adjustment, implementation, maintenance and support of an asset management system delivered as software as a service (SaaS).

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Ordregiver Vejdirektoratet (The Danish Road Directorate)
Deadline 30-09-2019 Se klokkeslæt under udbudsdetaljer
Udbudstype EU-udbud
Udbudsdetaljer http://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:408966-2019:TEXT:EN:HTML
Leveringssted DANMARK
Dokumenttype Udbudsbekendtgørelse

Forhåndsmeddelelse (02-04-2019)

Programpakker og informationssystemer 2019/S 065-150622

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The Danish Road Directorate (DRD) wish to purchase a commercial integrated asset management system.

The tender is expected to be published approximately mid june 2019, but before this the DRD wish to initiate a preliminary technical dialogue with potential bidders. Read more below in II.2.4) and VI.3).

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Ordregiver Vejdirektoratet
Udbudstype EU-udbud
Udbudsdetaljer http://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:150622-2019:TEXT:EN:HTML
Leveringssted Sjælland
Dokumenttype Forhåndsmeddelelse