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Gaskompressorer 2019/S 051-118203

Kort beskrivelse

Buyer request quotations for delivery and service of compressors for injection of upgraded biogas (biomethane). Buyer expect that around 15–20 biogas plants will be connected to the natural gas grid during the next years. Each biogas plant will typically be equipped with 2 injection compressor units.

The scope of the contract includes optional delivery of service and maintenance including spare parts and consumables.

The Buyer cannot guarantee a certain numbers of compressors units to be ordered, and the Buyer cannot guarantee that every compressor unit will be supplied by the Supplier (no exclusivity). The capacity of the compressors will in every case be specified by the Buyer, so it is important that the Supplier has a compressor program covering a wide range of capacities from 250 Nm3/h to 2 500 Nm3/h.

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Ordregiver HMN Naturgas I/S
Deadline 25-03-2019 Se klokkeslæt under udbudsdetaljer
Udbudstype EU-udbud
Udbudsdetaljer http://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:118203-2019:TEXT:EN:HTML
Leveringssted DANMARK
Dokumenttype Udbudsbekendtgørelse - forsyningsvirksomhed